discardingimages: POPE EATER Antithesis Christi et Antichristi (Jenský kodex/Jena Codex), Bohemia ca. 1490-1510. Praha, Knihovna Národního muzea, IV.B.24, fol. 80r

In Honour (by flashfix)

"The overarching term that was given for the secret knowledge from the lost civilization of Atlantis, was "The Mysteries." In most cases, the secrecy of the Mysteries was kept so tightly that rigorous initiations were demanded of anyone who either chose or was invited to participate. And furthermore, to insure their own survival the inheritors of the Atlantean legacy would often punish those who betrayed the secrets with death.”
—  Manly P. Hall 

Thelonious Monk . Underground . Columbia Records . 1968

Maciek Jasik
“Our story of the fall in the Garden sees nature as corrupt; and that myth corrupts the whole world for us. Because nature is thought of as corrupt, every spontaneous act is sinful and must not be yielded to. You get a totally different civilization and a totally different way of living according to whether your myth presents nature as fallen or whether nature is in itself a manifestation of divinity,” Joseph Campbell (The Power of Myth, 1988)

Yukari Oshima